These are various  sponsorship package of our football club that enable the club give value to sponsors for mutual benefit.


Shirt sponsorship Package

This enable  sponsors to have there  brands on different part of the Home and Away jersey(Shirt)including the Short and Socks which is valued at different prices depending on placement of brand on the jersey .

Each Placement of brand  is valued per season.

Package Valued

N3,000,000 (Three Million Naira) per Season- Front Jersey Branding  ($6,500)

N2,100,000(Two million One Hundred Naira )Per season-Back Jersey Branding($4500)

Social Media Sponsorship Package

This enables brands to appear on all the club social Media platforms and  materials which include promotional videos, match Highlights and Interviews on Facebook, Youtube Channel ,Twitter , Linkedin, Instagram and website .

The Team360 football club coummunity group on facebook growing with an average of 50% percent daily have potential of attaining 500,000 which will enable the community to view the brand on daily bases.

The brand will appear on all our promotional items (Match day Flier, Match Highlight, Players Individual highlight, players or match interviews

Package Valued

N1,500,0000 (One Million Five hundred Thousand ) per season

$3,200 (Three Thousand Two hundred Dollars ) per season


Promotional Video

Stadium sponsorship

This enables sponsors to have it brands placed on our training and match pitches which includes branding material and souvenirs

The Training and match Pitches time rented will be named after the sponsor which will be on all publication and all platform to promote the sponsors brand.

This will also enable the Sponsor to attract other co-sponsors that want to place there brand on the pitch which will generate return for our club and sponsor in sharing ratio.

Package valued

N5,000,000 (Five million Naira ) Per season

$11,000 (Eleven thousand  Dollar ) Per season

Team Magazine Sponsorship

This sponsorship package covers the Team Quarterly published magazine. The Team will Publish 2,000 copies quarterly which will be distributed to strategic locations for brand awareness.

The Sponsor Brand will be placed at the cover page which will enable easy attraction to readers.

The magazine will also be on 9jabook, amazon and other E book site which has viewership of 10million and above .

Package Valued Per season at

N1,500,000 ( Eight hundred thousand )

$4,000 (four thousand dollars)

Player sponsorship

  • This enable the sponsor to have a player or players wear the brand of the sponsor which will be published on all the club social media and websites. The brands are boots, gloves and other training equipment which will enable better performance of the player.


          Package valued

           N600,000 (Six hundred thousand naira Only )


  • This enables the sponsor to adopt and take full responsibility of a player in the team with further benefits.


         Pacakge Valued 

         N1,000,000 ( One Million naira only )

        $3,500 ( Three thousand Five hundred dollars )


All sponsorship package are subject to perusal and further discussion/negotiation with the management.



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