There are different membership plan you can find  that suits you. This Membership plan gives   the opportunity to be a stakeholder/investor in  decision making of  the club.

Be a part of the club and enjoy many benefit that will enable the club to be able to compete at the highest level in all competitions both local and abroad. 

The club will be able to produce more talented players that will be playing at top level across the top leagues in Europe , Asia, America etc.

Being a member/stakeholder/investor has enormous benefit where sport meet entertainment.

Team360fc “We are business”

                  “We Are Who We Are”


Platinum Membership

  • Free match tickets and access to Training facilities
  • Free 30 pieces of Club jerseys and Souvenirs.
  • 2% on players transfer during the season applied for
  • 2% reward on sponsorship deal above 3million naira during the  club season.
  • Product and Service of member to be advertise on club platform(Website)
  • Access to the Club Partner Beach House for entertainment(360beachbar, Elegushi beach)
  • Access to club scouts/partners
  • Become a board member and decision maker in the team
  • Platinum Access card available for member

Membership/Investment valued at

N1,500,000 (One Million Five  Hundred thousand naira only) per season .

Gold Membership

  • Free 15 club jerseys and Souvenirs
  • Free Match tickets and Access to training Facilities.
  • Discount on the Team partner beach House (360beachbar,Elegushi Beach) for entertainment
  • 2% reward on Sponsorship deal of the club above 3 million naira (N3,000,000)
  • Make decision/Contribution on affairs of the club.
  • Access to club scouts/partners
  • brand and Product of Member will be on the club Platform
  • Gold membership card available for member


Membership Valued/investment at

N1,000,0000 (One Million Naira) per season.

Silver Membership

  • Free 10 Club Jerseys and Souvenirs
  • Access to Club partner Beach House( 360beachbar, elegushi beach) for entertainment and Discount on expenses at the beach house.
  • Free Match Tickets and access to training facilities
  • Make decision and contribution on the club affairs and operation.
  • Brand and Product of member will be on the Club platform(website)


Membership/Investment Valued at

N750,000 (Seven hundred and fifty thousand naira only)  per season

Club Partner Beach House

For Further enquries and negotiation, contact the Club Director

Name: Hamza Akeem Oladimeji

Email :

Mobile : +2348033072007


Membership plan valid for only one season (1 year)  and expires immediatley after the One season (1year) subject to renewal/renegotiation from both parties