Mr Hamza Akeem Oladimeji

The President of Team360 football club plead with the Presidential Task force on Covid19, Ministry of youth and sport, Nigeria football federation and other football authorities to open Football for the for the sake of Nigeria football stakeholders and the future youth at large.

Speaking with the club website Mr Hamza said ” Covid19 is here to stay for long as we dont know. The most affected countries in europe and other parts have resume there football for the past few months”

“Most young players are becoming something else, some already indulge in other activities which is not inline with there career and passion ”

“Our Nigeria Super Eagles is playing in a country that was affected by corona and our football is still locked in the Nigeria”

Mr Hamza Akeem urges government to save the Nigeria football and most importantly the future of the youth in the society because football play an integral part of societial peace, harmony and progress.

Source : Team360fcNews

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  1. I’m totally in support of this….sporting activities needs to commence asap,provided, they are set down rules and guidelines.

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